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Specialization in custom sugar cookies of all flavors and designs & more.
Marley’s Sweets is named after the owners beloved cat who passed unexpectedly February 20, 2018, and was born from a love of baking and sweets. Tiffany Giron is the owner and sole baker of Marley’s Sweets and is a self-taught cookier. Baking comes natural since she grew up in a home with a beloved grandmother who always baked cookies from scratch, especially Christmas cookies,.
Marley’s Sweets serves fresh baked goods made from scratch using high quality ingredients. Because of this vegan and gluten free options are available upon request. We are a home bakery in charming Elgin, Illinois that offers delivery (25 mile radius) and shipping options.
For more information about custom cakes or catering orders, please call us at (773) 997-0036 or email us at info@marleys-sweets.com.  


I will work with you to ensure that you have a custom and beautiful cake or custom sugar cookie for your special day. Marley’s Sweets can provide you with amazing sweets that tastes every bit as good as it looks! Share your vision with me and we I will make it happen,

Vegan Options Available

Cookies are available in VEGAN almond and chocolate flavored sugar cookies.

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Why Us?


Minimally Processed

No large machinery mixes and mashes the ingredients in our cookies and cakes. Nutrients are lost when huge co-packing companies make large batches on even larger machines.

Clean Non-Allergenic Ingredients

We chooses the best, ethically-sourced ingredients to provide clean snack foods for a healthier lifestyle. As a family oriented business, we choose the wholesome foods we want to eat and to feed our family. Let us know of any  Allergens. (peanuts, dairy, eggs, wheat, soy, shellfish) and we will bake to your needs. 


No Need To Fortify

Since our cookies and cakes are minimally processed, we don’t lose nutrients in our batch made products. This is why vitamins and minerals are added back into processed foods, they need to make up for the loss of nutrients! Diets rich in omega-3 fatty acids can help keep the blood vessels of the brain clear of blockages and allow nerve cells to function at a high levels.


Made With Love…

We have a passion and commitment to provide delicious, products for you.